Teaching Practice

The Datchet Health Centre has been a training practice since November 2010. The Practice is accredited by Oxford Deanery to help train qualified doctors who wish to become GPs. A training practice has to meet high standards of health care provision and business organisation before being accredited and is assessed at regular intervals to ensure that this is the case. Dr. Nicola Wallbank is the registered Trainer at the Practice.

The Specialist Trainees who come to the Practice are qualified doctors who have decided to make their career in General Practice. Specialist Trainees are very much part of the Practice team during their stay. They will see patients independently, but have additional supervision from their Trainers and the rest of the practice team.

Benefits of GP Training

Being a training practice helps to ensure that the Practice maintains a very high standard of primary health care with a culture of learning and mutual support. We aim to improve our clinical care for all through knowledge, experience, open-mindedness and development.

A training practice also provides patients with a variety of doctors – the Specialist Trainees have very recent training in a hospital environment and bring with them varied experiences to share with the practice team.

Appointments with trainees may be slightly longer than 10 minutes – appointment length will vary depending on the experience and stage of training of the Trainee.

Videoing of Consultations

As part of their training, trainees will need to undertake some video recordings of their consultations. These provide an excellent training opportunity, allowing trainees to show how they consult in real time, reflect on their skills, and learn with their trainer to become better GPs.

When video recording is going to take place during a particular clinic, all patients being booked into that clinic will be advised by the Receptionist that video recording is going to take place and asked if they are happy for their consultation to be recorded. We understand that not everyone would want a consultation to be recorded and we will not record without permission. The Receptionist will annotate the clinic list accordingly if patients do not want their consultation to be recorded. If a patient is happy to have their consultation recorded, they will be asked to complete a video consent form when they book in at the front desk. Videos will only be stored on our computers, and only for the time needed to review them.

If you would like any further information on our videoing policy, please do not hesitate to ask.